Most people that know me are aware that I own a few animals. Giant ones, at that. Let me introduce you:

Mack, Murphy, and Luna!

These are my big goofy dogs. Mack is my old boy, who recently turned 10. He’s one of those dogs that everyone loves, and he just never lets me down. He is an English Mastiff we got from the Atlantic City Press, so I like to call him the discount puppy (like from Marley & Me). If you meet Mack, his head will be on your lap. Don’t stop petting him though, or else you’ll get a nice love nudge from him.

I told you he’s cool.

Murphy, in the middle. A.K.A. my show pony. He is a Harlequin Great Dane. If I ever bring him somewhere, I have to mentally prepare myself in advance because I always get stopped when I have him with me. Most people say “I’ve never seen a Dalmatian this big!” Well, that’s because he isn’t one. From the day we brought him home, he has always been such a big softy.

Baby Murphy at 8 weeks old in Home Goods. Do you see why I get stopped?

Luna, on the end is my bad girl. She is my Marley & Me dog. A true sour patch kid, she would destroy something, and then try to snuggle with me minutes later. In her later adult life, she has been better but she is always a bad girl at heart.

“Hi, is it dinner time yet?”

We love to bring Murphy & Luna up to the big city to run around in Central Park on Sunday mornings with our other Great Dane Friends. When I used to live near the city, I found Great Danes of Central Park on Instagram and we have been going for a few years now. It’s one of my favorite things in life, so if you have a Great Dane, please join us!

We can never get a photo of the entire group, but we always try anyway!

The last animal of the petting zoo: a calico kitty cat named Kimba. I decided to add her when I found her online at a rescue. She has been such a good addition since. She doesn’t hiss, bite, or scratch anything. She is super sweet, I just had to adjust to the fact that cats get zoomies too in the morning and night. Her favorite thing to do is sit by the window to watch the birds at the feeder.

My Very Own Petting Zoo

June 27, 2024

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